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tweezers:The pure silver / komaru small [Kurata]

tweezers:The pure silver / komaru small [Kurata]

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Kurata Works.
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The performance that even baby fuzz of five-1000ths millimeter can pull out lightly

It is the tweezers of the characteristic to round by the partial (a part to hold in a hand) manual labor of the former carefully as it can image it from a brand name.
I am usable as well as the eyebrows safely in various parts including nose hair / auriculars. The gem which craftsman / Kurata who won ”a prize for folkcraft skill service” created from longtime tweezers production.
When I used it, it is easy to roll it in a hand, and the sense of the finger is distinguished and is fatigue-free for use of the long time.
Please realize the performance of the Edo hand hitting tweezers craftsman to ”be able to pull all out even baby fuzz of five-1000ths millimeter from our created product from manual labor lightly”.
The antibacterial silver material which is said to provide it. It is easy to pull hair than a thing made by stainless steel in a thing (when I pull hair with the heaviness) of that specific gravity is heavier than the other material and there are few pains and can outrun you.

Three points to distinguish good tweezers.

1.When they close the point of a sword and expose it to light and thin it and watched it, rays do not enter at the interval of the blade.
2.Seeing from the side, the part of the point of a sword just fits with tweezers.
3.There is a spring when I sandwich the hair.
When even one is missing among three points, I am terrible and have a pain in it and hair is on the way and can cut it when I pull hair.
”The Edo hand hitting tweezers” are the works which comprised all three above-mentioned points (a product). If there is one, I am usable for a long time.

What are [the Edo hand hitting tweezers.]

”The Edo hand hitting tweezers” which I made full use of a technique of the Edo hand hitting to a base, and brought the tweezers of two pieces of shellfishs used among the common people from the Muromachi era to life in now.
A craftsman only in Japan where Yoshiyuki Kurata inherits the traditional manufacturing method from the Edo era for ”Kurata mill” the third generation in establishment of a business 1875. I knock on 18-8 stainless steel boards of the 3mm thickness more than 500 times and produce ”one one of them” becoming the product with a handicraft. The expert technique beyond the limit of the normal machine press is excellent, and, in 1997, it is won ”a prize for folkcraft skill service” from Arakawa-ku by the high technique. The Edo hand hitting tweezers are used for an expert as Makeup appliance and a medical appliance of the ophthalmology now.

Until Edo hand hitting tweezers are done.

Around ten limits that expert Meister Kurata can make on 1st. Lack in trouble with more than of 30 processes and finish the work called ”Edo hand hitting tweezers” while regulating thickness with a sense and the eyes of the finger.
The expert counterattack is craftman skill inheriting tradition from Edo.

(1) The choice of materials, a duster, a core and tame it

Materials are pure silver. Firstly I knock on the both ends with a hammer.
While the front and back upset a part becoming the central spring next, I swat it carefully. This is one of the skill to need expert power by the work to [pull a core] of materials.
I swat it again and smooth off the surface.

(2) I die it and polish a file cliff, Bali collecting

I die the part which I swat it, and lengthened aside by press.
I use a file in the section that I died and can write a file slant next. I take the rough part called ”Bali” by this work carefully and do it in the smooth feel.
I use three kinds of buffs (sand / hemp / cloth) for polishing.

(3) I shave it and beat and I shave a signature and beat and bend blade reckoning, point bending, the center

Move to one’s own work top, and cure of a delicate curve; ”shave it, and hit” it, and do it.
I engrave a name called ”Yoshiyuki Kurata” registering a trademark afterwards.
I hit the sled again and do blade reckoning (a part across the hair).
I change a brain (the tip) in the form of tweezers and regulate it.
Finally I bend the central part which did core omission and I swat it again and fix the form.

(4) Polishing, a file cliff, tooth alignment, a whetstone case, finish

I do appearance slipperily and, with four kinds of buffs (sand / hemp / a thread / cloth), finish it.
I cover the part of a tooth picking up a thing next with three kinds of files (the wild inside, thin).
I just put teeth together after having confirmed the elasticity of a shape and the spring.
Finally I put a whetstone in the mouth of the addendum and finish it for the last time.

My sticking to

The point that I am careful about on producing it?

It is not a thing a decoration watches a picture or the work of art in the distance, and to enjoy. However, in the case of tweezers, it is different. The visitor who bought it really uses it. Then hair falls out properly and is ordinary. When such a price becomes the expensive product, it becomes higher if, in addition, the demand is more natural. When several hundred of them have product, that they are strange, the trust of the visitor comes off. Therefore there does not seem to be only it, and one one of them is product, a premise to fall out by all means carefully.

I am same as the making of Udon and Soba. I ”will not crawl of great deal of effort (I worked it out) which I put it and made”! With such a feeling, I beat several hundred times and always aim at the strong, exact finish.

Do you seem to have the after-sale service stolen?

From thought to say to take responsibility to the thing which oneself made, I carve one’s name to a product. I repair it in free (※) even if I use it how many years if the condition of the point of a sword becomes funny. From grandmother to a grandchild, I am glad if I can hear lines to use it from generation to generation in parent and child three generations (laugh). I think that it is not at all a high price for a long time if, no, I think about being usable throughout the life.

※The postage of the visitor burden you.

Finally is there the message?

Though they were written on the book which they read before, ”the tweezers” seem to be the only cosmetics invented in Japan. On investigation Seishonagon writes the poetry of tweezers, and there is the picture about tweezers in the book of the ukiyoe print and. Do not you think that you are very interesting? The world of tweezers (laugh).

Producer's profile

Is it a motto? Mmm, it is an effort.

When rhythm is good and knocks on the stainless steel board which I cut into long pieces, hard stainless steel changes form in no time.

It ”is core in stainless steel”. Though should thin a part to bend most; longtime perception of the neighborhood. Kurata who talks so while laughing. Begin to help with business from the junior high school era; is 50 several years by this year. A soul dwells in the work of the builder with the disposition.

In 1997, I received commendation as ”Arakawa Meister” by the high technique and prominent skill.

I accept a many school excursions student from the whole country to be able to stream down the pleasure of the monomaking of in the next generation while I concentrate power on developing guidance / upbringing and open an experience classroom now.

A local junior high student visited the Kurata by an on-site training the other day. Wave a hammer; and within one minute junior high student said [an uncle! I was tired.] Kurata says when [I do not succeed if I do not make an effort unusually to learn a job to an arm to study to become the player of sports].

Words, the effort that craftsmen of Edo book closing a bargain tweezers like. The thought that a brain fell to somewhat performed it. The Arakawa meister fights with stainless steel with a hammer today.

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