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Tabletop battledore shaped ginger grater

Tabletop battledore shaped ginger grater

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$ 26
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Ooya factory
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For grating ginger! Handmade pure copper grater

this grater has sharp perforations on the surface of the copper plate. It can make delicious grated ginger keeping original taste of ginger and its juice.
It is suitable for grating ginger. Grated food is called Oroshi in Japanese.
This grater's perforations are so sharp and grates ginger well because of being hand made by skilled Japanese craftsmen.
So you can grate it lightly with this and make delicious ginger Oroshi.

Handmade uneven blades make finest Oroshi.

The copper plate is tighten with a roller. Thus, it gets firmer and the sharp perforations on it gets more tough. Moreover, the sharp perforations are made by hand,so they are not in a line and each size of them is a little different. As a results, ingredients are caught with it easily, so you can grate food efficiently. This is the most different things from mass produced products which all the forms are decided on.

The durability is superior, it will be usable for the decade under heavy use by professional chefs. In addition it can be repaired three times.
Therefore,it can be used for 40 years. It will be able to used in your life time.
This hand made copper graters are made by Ohya factory in Japan one by one. It has been loved by a lot of people including professional chefs in Japan for many years.

How to Care

After use,please wash it as soon as possible, it is difficult to wipe off water with dish cloth because of the rough surface. So you should through hot water on it and dry with remaining heat.

please scrape the fiber of vegetable and fruits which got into the ditch with tooth brush.

The copper plate gets plated, but it will discolor. Please continue using thinking it has taken an antique look.

At least more than 10 years is okay, but if the cutting quality gets worse, please contact us.[takuminohako@gmail.com] Craftsman of Ohya repairs it. The old sharp perforations are cut off and the copper plate gets plated again. New sharp perforations are made by the craftsman. When your grater comes back from repair, it will seems to be new. It will be shiny although there are traces of cutting off old sharp perforations.
(The charge for the work is at half price of the product's price.)

The grater on the right side of the photograph was made by Ohya's predecessor. He continued using it more than 40 years. It is exactly usable throughout the life.

Product data

Material: Copper

Size: Width 10.2 × length 6.6cm

Weight: 91g

Producers introduce

1 Location - Saitama Prefecture
2 Name - Ohya Shigeki's
3 store name - Ohya Works
4 profession - Copper grater manufacturing
5 Recommended Items - Pure copper box-shaped grater
6 Date of Birth - 1968/10/18
7 constellation - Libra
8 motto - Of now than them

Interview to Mr Ohya.

A grater that can make delicious oroshi

What is the goodness of the copper grater?

We hit the copper plate with a thickness of 2 millimeters again and again to tighten it and then we start to make sharp perforations. By doing so, the strength of the copper increases, so sharp perforations can be made on the plate. Stableness increases.
And because we make the size of each sharp point delicately different, it can catch vegetable's surface efficiency. And we also make the sharp point a little bit big,therefore each piece of the completed oroshi is big and it keeps water. Tasty crunchy oroshi is completed. It is the taste only by the handicrafts.

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